Friday, October 12, 2012

New work at Bridgeport Art Center through November 2012

Light Sculpture/Media Culture
Featuring the “Hemmed” Series

Light Sculpture/Media Culture 2012 from Mieke Zuiderweg on Vimeo.

Hemmed, 2012

mieke zuiderweg from Mieke Zuiderweg on Vimeo.

Hemmed: To be trapped or secured against one’s will.

Hemmed started off strictly as a photographic series. Shot on medium format
film, the mannequins in the images stand lodged between shadows, reflections of the outside world and their own stagnant reality. After the shots were digitized more possibilities emerged. The pictures were manipulated in Photoshop by creating multiple frames with one moving element each, much like a flip book. The elements were then stacked next to each other in video-edition software to control both speed and movement. This effect hems the figures in even more, trapping them in between the past and future with little ability to move forward.

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