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Pen & Pencil Desk Sets!
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Metropolis Series #2

Industry Series #1


Sculpture at Bonsoiree Restaurant!
September/October/November 2012


Young Sun Han, artist and friend, curated the space at Bonsoiree located at 2728 W. Armitage Ave in Chicago.

The restaurant, run by Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark, has a Michelin rating and a reputation for its incredible tasting menus.
Stop by to enjoy the restaurant's avant-garde courses in traditional Korean flavors!

Metropolis Series

The bible tells the story of the Tower of Babel, when monolinguistic peoples of the earth decided to build a city that would touch the heavens. They built it out of brick and tar. God visited the city and saw the construction for what is was- a monument worshipping humanity built with man-made materials. God splintered the peoples language into many so they could not communicate. He also scattered them across the earth. The Tower was abandoned and unfinished.

Look at any modern city from a distance and see the layers of steel and brick reaching towards the sky. Each construction vying for attention and prestige from spectators and God. Have the peoples of earth forgotten the lesson that building monuments to their own greatness causes great change?


Dystopia: Spiritual Warfare in a Mechanized World
Featuring Metropolis Series #1-8
Las Manos Gallery, May 2012



Interior Designer Nicholas Moriarty
Promotes & Places Metropolis Series

"Hello Miro II"
In the home of Ignacio Valero & Donald Lyons


“Hello Miro”

New Series, Fall 2012

“Hello Picasso”
Two Figure Studies, Fall 2012

Inspired by Jean DuBuffet!

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